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St Louis, MO


Erosion Control in St Louis, MO

You've seen erosion where major excavation is underway, but construction sites aren't the only areas where erosion occurs. Our home landscapes are also susceptible to runoff and erosion of topsoil. At best, erosion is unsightly. At worst, erosion is expensive. Topsoil, with its organic matter, beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, washes away. Erosion can also be dangerous as poisonous substances such as fertilizer, pesticides and petroleum products run off our yards and eventually end up in our water supply. Erosion can also undermine your driveways, patios, sidewalks, and porches, causing cracks and other problems.

Just because you don't see gullies or mudslides doesn't mean that erosion isn't occurring. The process can be very subtle. Look for symptoms such as exposed roots, signs of splashing of soil or mud on pavement. You may not see it on your own property, but runoff from your yard may be evident farther down the street. If your precious topsoil is washing away, you need erosion control help!

Customized Drainage Solutions

Our team will carefully analyze your yard's slope, soil type, and proximity to your home to determine the best means of avoiding erosion, flooding and surplus groundwater. St Louis, MO clients understand that we pay close attention to all the details in every service we provide - especially regarding our soil erosion prevention services.  Your topsoil is precious, so we use a variety of methods to keep it where it belongs, inside your lawns and gardens! As the erosion control experts for families in the St Louis, MO area, we specialize in techniques such as berms, swales, lawn re-leveling and French drains to keep water from sweeping away your healthy soil.

Is water erosion sweeping away your fertile soil and ruining your lawn and garden?  We can help.  Call Foundation Protection Services today!



This photo is after the discharge line installations were completed. The soil is restored on top of these pipes so the only thing visible when the job is done is the French drain system. The discharge lines are backfilled with dirt and grass (when possible)