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St Louis, MO


About Foundation Protection Services

We started five years ago. After working as a certified foundation inspector for many years it bothered me to know that in the Midwest one in five homes needs foundation repair in its lifetime.

It also bothered me to know that almost all of the foundation problems customers experience can be prevented. If only home owners knew how important it is to get all rainwater to drain away from their foundation, porch, patio, and driveway they would most likely avoid the pain of having to pay for foundation repairs that "average" 8 to 10 thousand dollars per job.

We decided to start helping people to prevent these problems. Foundation Protection Services was formed to get rid of the source of almost all foundation and concrete sinking problems rainwater!

General Contractor Services:


French drain install under a deck.

Customer had rainwater standing next to the foundation when it rained. This caused the basement to leak. We removed the deck boards and installed French drain, directly under the gutter, along this section of the foundation. We also corrected the grade between the house and the foundation.